Who are we

MBA Maria Belamarić-Vilović, CEO

"In today's world, we are confronted with many challenges but also with an equal number of opportunities that we are usually not aware of. The competitive advantage is no longer achieved throughout purchasing the best products, because through globalization, those products become available to everyone. We achieve competitive advantage through efficient use of our resources based on education, experience and flexibility." Our mission is to become a one stop shop for your business, building platforms which will help you in your further development.





  • We have  business partners throughout the world - B2B. Through our elaborate network, we will help you find a path for your business regardless of physical distance and cultural differences.
  • Are you hiring or looking for new partners but you want to make sure to pick the best? 
  • We improve work efficiency through finding and solving communication problems in your company.



  • IT projects based on developing new social,sales and IPTV platforms for web.
  • Television production for companies. 







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  • Svačićev Trg 15
  • Zagreb 10000, Croatia
  • tel:+38514854670
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    • +385992582676
    • +38598352352
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